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Kyo-Kanaami was nurtured in Kyoto.

Kyo-Kanaami was nurtured in Kyoto.

Kyo-Kanaami was nurtured in Kyoto.

Kyo-Kanaami was nurtured in Kyoto.

Depending on your lifestyle,

The origin dates back to the Heian period
kyo-kanaami is said to date back a long time.

It's not just a product that's been around for a long time.
Even if times change, it never gets old
Can be used properly in today's life
We will continue to provide Kyo-Kanaami tools.

Tools used every day
That's why.

The tools for Kanaami-Tsuji are
Carefully handmade one by one.
Durable so that you can continue using it for a long time.
Something that can be used repeatedly.

The user will feel attached to it
You can stay with us for a long time
We continue to make such tools.

With dignity,
The tools of the Kanaami-Tsuji.

The tools for Kanaami-Tsuji are
I consider them all supporting roles.

And, it brings out the main character in daily life,
In order to use it comfortably
Supporting characters must also have dignity.

Based on the idea of "dignity for supporting characters"
You can feel the comfort
Aiming for manufacturing, Kanaami-Tsuji
We will continue to improve every day.

Popular Products

  • Hand woven Ceramic Grill with Handled Tray
  • Tofu Server Octagonal
  • Hand-woven Coffee dripper
  • IH grill



Kodaiji Ichinenzaka Shop

The area around Kodaiji Temple is busy with many pedestrians,
But if you enter Ichinenzaka, you will find yourself in a quiet, Kyoto-like townscape, The Kodaiji Ichinenzaka Shop is located in a quiet, Kyoto-like townscape, The shop is located in a quiet, Kyoto-like neighborhood.
You can see and purchase products of Kanaami-Tsuji, which was born in Kyoto,You can see and purchase our products.

  • 362 Masuya-cho, Higashiyama-ku,
    Kyoto City, KYOTO 605-0826 JAPAN
  • Business hours: 10am to 6pm
  • Closed days: Wednesdays and Thursdays (Closed for New Year holidays)
  • TEL: 075-551-5500 / FAX: 075-551-5509

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Kitayama Atelier

All production is done in Kitayama, Kyoto.
We also provide information on custom manufacturing and repair of bending ring products
We are happy to consult with you.
We would appreciate it if you could contact us when you come.
Please note that Kitayama Atelier does not sell any products.

  • 61-4 Shichiku Shimomidori-cho,
    Kyoto City, KYOTO 603-8425 JAPAN
  • Business hours: 9am to 5pm
  • Closed days: Sundays, holidays (sometimes closed in summer, winter, etc.)
  • TEL: 075-491-4663 / FAX: 075-491-8663

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